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Council Tax Band Checker

Project Challenge

To make council tax interesting! What greater challenge! Let’s face it, not many find council tax an interesting subject. Our job was to make it engaging enough, to allow the opportunity for YourShed to get across the amazing benefits they could offer their customers.

Solution: Short snappy, and plenty of smiles! :)

Our main concern was avoiding overwhelming potential customers with too much information before they’d fully understood the simplicity of the process.

Solution: In keeping with our idea of a fun snappy theme, an effect known as scroll snapping. This allows users to snap to a completely new page with the slightest of movements on desktop, tablet or mobile. 

This allowed us to present new information as well as images and calls to action with ease. A simple and effective way to break down the process to its most simplest form. 

Group of images showing website done by company Online Presence.

Our first job was to get across how easy the whole process was to complete. We broke down each step, gave it its own page, image and description.

Customers are kept engaged without becoming overwhelmed with such a mundane topic.

Group of images. from website Your Shed done by ourselves at Online Presence. The image shows the process of registering for checking council tax.

Next challenge, finding a way to neatly wrap up the simplicity of the process in applying as well as all the great benefits the company had to offer.

We wanted to go into just the right level of detail to break down the process, but without overloading too much information on them at any one time.

Again each stage was given its own page, and with it, breathing space. :)

Image displaying website done by Online Presence for company your Shed.
Group of images showing a section from website for Your Shed done by company Online Presence.

For those who wanted to delve deeper into how the whole Council Tax system evolved.

We summarised a little history and background, as well as included a handy banding table to help users confirm their Council Tax band. 

Image showing tablet with the display from website done by Online Presence for company your shed.
Group of images displaying a website done by Online Presence for company Your Shed.

We wanted to offer potential customers a more in-depth explanation as to how the claim process will work. Clearly conveying the advantages and ease of navigating the process.

Although more in-depth, we kept it clear and concise, offering enough information to get an indication of the how their claim will play out.