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Danish Bicycles

Project Challenge

Hygge weren’t just selling bikes, it was a lifestyle. The challenge was converting this into the theme and layout of their website.

We’re huge on fitness, more so, the lifestyle that’s attached with it. This was right up our alley and extremely exciting to think of ways to wrap this up neatly into the companies website.

Theme colours were important. We wanted something neutral, signifying health, outdoors, nature. 

We cropped the image from one of their top selling bikes to accentuate the beautiful lines from the frame. 

The movement around the page brings the website to life. Subtle enough to keep the user experience pleasurable, but exciting enough to keep the user engaged.

Result: A simple clean design.

We wanted a unique way to convey to the customer they’re not just buying a bike, but into a way of life.

What better way than splitting a bike in half upon scroll, to unveil all of the adventures, health benefits and memories that can be created with their purchase.